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Our products are free from silicones, parabens, kerosenes, PEGs, PAKS, aluminum, microplastics & cortisone

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How does SkinCare Protect work?

The Phage Technology contained in SkinCare Protect reduces the harmful bacteria on your skin.

Bacteriophages are successfully used to reduce bacteria (e.g. Staphylococcus aureus). For example, you can prevent pimples in acne or itching in skin prone to rosacea / neurodermatitis.

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Sanubiom SkinCare Protect - Neurodermitis

Harmful bacteria, which are responsible for your itching or the redness on your skin, are reduced. This brings your skin flora back into balance.

And the best thing is: bacteriophages are completely natural! So you use the power of nature for your skin protection and the whole thing is pH neutral and alcohol-free. This will not dry out your skin. Excellent skin compatibility is guaranteed.

Bacteriophages are an innovative way to care for your skin. Find out how our revolutionary probiotic skin protection can help you improve your quality of life in our articles on skin knowledge.

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Neurodermatitis: How can I reduce my itching?

Are you plagued by itching and red, sensitive skin? Atopic dermatitis is not only a problem for many babies and children , many adults also suffer from this chronic skin disease. The itching caused by neurodermatitis leads to restrictions in the quality of life of those affected.

Sanubiom SkinCare Protect is used as an adjuvant therapy for neurodermatitis. Customers report a significant improvement in skin condition and a reduction in redness. In addition, itching can be reduced by improving the balance of bacteria on the skin. This makes life much easier for many of those affected.

The bacteriophages only reduce harmful bacteria on the skin. Your skin flora will regain its balance. The natural bacteriophages in Sanubiom SkinCare Protect also make it ideal for children.

Acne: What can I do against blemished skin?

A balanced bacterial balance is extremely important for reducing acne and blemished skin! Sanubiom SkinCare Protect supports you in balancing your skin flora.

Our product protects you from malignant bacteria that cause acne. This reduces redness and irritation on your skin.

Phage Technology makes the difference: only harmful bacteria are specifically reduced. Destruction of the entire skin flora, which leads to further weakening of the skin areas, is thus prevented.

Helpful, strengthening cultures are retained on the skin and can help to restore the skin’s natural balance. This accelerates regeneration.

Rosacea: How do I get rid of annoying redness on my face?

Do you want a reflection without redness on your nose or cheeks? Rosacea is a chronic skin disease that is particularly common in fair-skinned people. It manifests itself as redness, dilated veins, blisters or pustules on the face .

In rosacea, the skin is visibly imbalanced. Bacteria – such as Staphylococcus aureus – exploit the damaged skin and increase their growth.

With the help of Phage Technology in SkinCare Protect, you can take targeted action against redness on the face. This completely natural method brings your skin back into balance – good bacteria are strengthened and the symptoms of rosacea are reduced.

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