Acne – phage application as a new treatment against redness and itching

Acne is one of the most common skin diseases of all. Up to 95 percent of teenagers suffer from more or less pronounced pimples during puberty.

The skin disease is not only unpleasant, but also makes looking in the mirror a torture. If you want to treat acne, so-called“bacteria eaters” can help. These have been used successfully in Georgia for decades.1

How exactly does the application of phages work? You can find out more about this question and other interesting background information on acne and bacteriophages in the following article.

Phage application for acne


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Acne phage application - new treatment

Phage application – new treatment for acne

When conventional medication no longer helps and remains ineffective, it’s time to try something new.

Hormones usually cause the typical acne pimples. Bacteria also make their contribution. And this is where the phage application for acne comes in:

As natural bacteria eaters, the bacteriophages are applied to the skin in concentrated form. They use the triggering bacteria as a host and attack them in a natural way.

Pimples and other symptoms can thus be noticeably reduced. Looking in the mirror will soon be more pleasant.

Who is the phage application suitable for?

As a natural application without side effects, Phage Technology is suitable for all skin types.

The advantage of bacteriophages:

  • the balance of the skin flora is restored
  • the skin barrier is built up

If you suffer from acne, you will certainly know the symptoms.

You can combat unbalanced skin flora with bacteriophages in concentrated form.

Who is the phage application suitable for?

Bacteriophages in adult acne

Even though acne mostly affects adolescents, it can occur well into adulthood. The symptoms are triggered by hormones and bacteria on the skin (e.g. Staphylococcus aureus).

Eleven bacteriophage strains were analyzed in a clinical study conducted in the United States in 2012. These were specialized on the acne bacterium and usedagainst it. 2

This knowledge has been incorporated into the development of Sanubiom’s Phage Technology. Our goal is to be able to guarantee the best possible therapy-accompanying phage application.

This way you can fight acne naturally – without any side effects.

Phages for baby acne

Although pimples and acne are usually associated with adolescents, they can occur in babies.

Baby acne is also unpleasant. But it is harmless to health and, unlike teenage spots, they disappear quite quickly.

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