Bacteriophages as an aid for neurodermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is now one of the most common chronic inflammatory skin diseases.

According to statistics, up to 25 percent of the Northern European population suffer from atopic dermatitis. In the coastal regions of southern Europe, on the other hand, the figure is only around one percent.

Germany is on average at 10 to 15 percent 1 . Even if the distribution differs from region to region, the symptoms are the same and are caused by a disturbance of the skin flora, in which bacteria multiply.

Bacteriophages, or phages, are suitable for combating these bacteria and reducing the symptoms.

Using bacteriophages against neurodermatitis
Phage application in adults

Phage application for neurodermatitis

A phage application can provide relief if you suffer from neurodermatitis. Bacteriophages are applied to the skin for this purpose.

This allows them to fight harmful bacteria and restore the balance of the skin flora.

The phage application is used in addition to any other therapies – without any side effects.

Use on babies and children

Infants and children are often affected by atopic dermatitis. The predisposition is hereditary. 2

If one parent suffers from atopic dermatitis, there is a 40 percent chance that it will be passed on to the offspring. But even if the disease cannot be cured, it can be treated very well.

The first sign of atopic dermatitis in babies is so-called cradle cap. This appears as a whitish-yellow scaly crust on the reddened skin.

It is important to use the right skin creams and care products. These should be pH-neutral and moisturizing and stabilize the skin barrier.

Use in adults

It is important to pay attention to proper skin care.

You should avoid soaps and shower gels as much as possible.

Cosmetic products that contain preservatives, fragrances, colorants, emulsifiers, kerosene oil or Vaseline are counterproductive.

Reduziere Neurodermitis

mit Sanubiom SkinCare Protect mit Phage Technology

  • REDUZIERT Rötungen und Juckreiz
  • FÖRDERT das Gleichgewicht der Haut
  • STÄRKT die Hautschutzbarriere

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How do phages help against neurodermatitis?

How do phages help against neurodermatitis?

Bacteriophages actually live up to their name as “bacteria eaters“. They act against harmful bacteria by using them as host cells and “eating” them.

Bacteria are the cause of various skin diseases. Phages can help here if they are used in a targeted manner.

In the case of atopic dermatitis, it is not yet clear whether a bacterium causes the flare-ups or whether the cracked skin creates a breeding ground for the bacterium.

The fact is, however, that bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus play a decisive role. Bacteria eaters can live up to their name by taking action against these bacteria.

Which bacteriophages are used for atopic dermatitis?

Atopic dermatitis is usually caused by an excess of bacteria of the genus Staphylococcus aureus.

During an acute flare-up, the skin flora is in an imbalance. This is why these harmful bacteria multiply faster.

In such cases, the very bacteriophages that destroy these bacteria are used.

Which bacteriophages are used for atopic dermatitis?

Reduziere Neurodermitis

mit Sanubiom SkinCare Protect mit Phage Technology

Skin protection


About the article

Author: Christian Unterlechner, Dipl.-Ing. (FH), MBA

“From our own experience with neurodermatitis – and the long path of suffering associated with skin conditions like this – we started to look for alternative solutions to drug treatments. We are very happy to share the knowledge and experience that has gone into the years of developing our SkinCare products with you.”

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