Buy phages and restore skin balance

If you suffer from a skin condition such as acne or neurodermatitis, then you know about the visible and noticeable effects of disturbed skin flora.

Skin protection products that utilize the properties of naturally occurring bacteriophages can be used as an adjunct to therapy.

Phage technology is currently making a comeback in Europe after almost being forgotten thanks to the numerous antibiotics available.

The experience gained with bacteriophages speaks for itself. Phages are suitable for cystitis and other indications, but phage application in Germany or Austria is not yet standard.

This raises the legitimate question: Where can I make a phage application? Use for medical-therapeutic purposes (phage therapy) in Europe is currently only possible in Belgium and Georgia. Not so when it comes to protecting and caring for the skin.

However, bacteriophages are easily available in the form of externally applied sprays. You can use these online without having to go to the pharmacy. Read the following article to find out why it makes sense to use the abilities of natural bacteria eaters.

What exactly are bacteriophages?

Where are bacteriophages contained?

Phages are viruses. They can be found wherever their host bacteria live, i.e. worldwide – whether on land, in water or in the air. The bacteria eaters often occur in very large numbers.

They outnumber bacteria by a factor of about ten and are the most common form of life on earth.

For example, the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a widespread soil and water bacterium that occurs in damp environments such as washbasins, showers and toilets.

Humans are also colonized by billions of phages. They migrate from the intestine into the blood and from there into the tissue and various organs.

Every day, no less than 30 billion bacteriophages move through our bodies and do their work without us noticing. They sometimes provide us with practical services by using bacteria as host cells and destroying them in the course of reproduction.

Incidentally, viruses are not only found in the body, but also on it. Phages may also feel very comfortable on the skin and contribute to healthy skin flora.

Who can buy skin care with Phage Technology?

Even though phages have been really well investigated in many studies, their use for therapeutic purposes in Europe is currently only possible in Belgium or Georgia. Georgia and the Georgi Eliava Institute are regarded as pioneers in phage research. It is not without reason that it is the first address for Phage Technology .

Numerous patients from all over the world travel to the Georgian capital Tbilisi to be treated by doctors with specially tailored phage cocktails.

Patients suffering from multi-resistant germs in particular often want an alternative therapy using phages.

The situation is different when used in the form of skin care. Buying skin care with Phage Technology is particularly recommended if you suffer from eczema, pustules and itching.

Acne, rosacea, neurodermatitis or sensitive skin caused by diabetes are among the skin conditions for which Sanubiom SkinCare Protect can be used as an adjuvant therapy.

Skin care products with bacteriophages do not require a doctor’s prescription and can be easily obtained without a prescription.

Why does it make sense to buy phages?

Why should I buy products with phages?

Bacteriophages are a naturally occurring resource that can be used to treat skin problems gently and without side effects. They have been classified as safe by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

They are safe to use and are also suitable for small children. If you want to treat your skin as naturally as possible, it makes sense to buy and use products with a phage mixture.

The probiotic skin protection from Sanubiom is supplied in the form of a spray. The revolutionary formula contains a specially developed nutrient medium that promotes the growth of good bacteria.

At the same time, fresh bacteriophages are used to support and strengthen the balance of the skin flora. They are suitable for

  • redness caused by acne
  • As an adjuvant therapy for neurodermatitis
  • As an adjuvant therapy for rosacea
  • to build up the skin’s protective barrier for sensitive skin

By strengthening the skin’s protective barrier, the bacteriophages in Sanubiom SkinCare Protect help you to achieve healthier skin. Skin infections are reduced and prevented.

This way you can balance out redness and skin irritations and restore the balance of your skin flora – without any side effects.

Where can I buy Sanubiom SkinCare Protect with bacteriophages?

Now you know about the mode of action and the benefits of natural bacteria eaters, but are wondering where you can find the right skincare for you?

Buying phages is quick and easy: Sanubiom SkinCare Protect for use on skin irritations such as pustules, itching and redness is just a click away on the Internet.

You can buy them in our online store and they will be delivered directly to you within two to three working days. All our products are manufactured without animal testing and in compliance with the highest GMP standards.

You can look forward to one hundred percent natural probiotic protection for your skin and will soon notice how the work of the bacteriophages has a positive effect.

Skin irritations and annoying redness will soon be a thing of the past with SkinCare Protect from Sanubiom.

Sanubiom SkinCare Protect
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