Bacteriophages reduce redness in rosacea

Anyone who suffers from rosacea knows that the reddening of the skin is not only visually unpleasant. Chronic skin inflammation usually occurs on the face and is often mistakenly interpreted as the result of excessive alcohol consumption.

It is caused by overactive blood vessels . Like other dermatological diseases, it can lead to annoying itching and dryness of the affected areas.

This not only affects physical health, but also mental health. However, there is a relatively simple remedy: using phages for rosacea – for example in the form of a spray – can alleviate redness and reduce the noticeable symptoms of inflammation in a natural way.

Phage application for rosacea
Rosacea - balancing the skin with the bacteria eaters

Rosacea and the use of phages – who is the therapy suitable for?

Typically, rosacea – also known as couperose – begins between the ages of 30 and 40. If you notice increased redness on your face, you should see a doctor.

If the doctor diagnoses rosacea, the first question is probably: Can rosacea disappear? While there is no complete cure, the development can be kept in check.

However, as the skin of rosacea patients is very sensitive, irritating products should be avoided. This also includes soaps or creams that contain alcohol and menthol or camphor.

With the use of phages, on the other hand, you can soon achieve success with redness. A phage serum uses the natural power of the so-called bacteria eaters to combat the imbalance of the skin flora on the face. You can find out exactly what this is in the following section.

What exactly are bacteriophages and how do they help with rosacea?

Bacteriophages are naturally occurring viruses that destroy harmful bacterial cells by infecting them and then multiplying inside them until they burst. Conveniently, they can be found wherever the right bacteria can be found.

So they are basically a natural application to combat harmful bacteria. In the case of dermatological diseases, their effect is bundled in concentrated form to combat the causes. You can use a spray to counteract the effects of rosacea.

What exactly are bacteriophages and how do they help with rosacea?
Rosacea - balancing the skin with the bacteria eaters

Rosacea – balancing the skin with the bacteria eaters

But how exactly does this work with the bacteria eaters and the use of phages? It is essential to maintain the skin’s natural protective film to keep it looking healthy.

Once the balance of the skin flora is out of kilter, this can quickly lead to inflammation and irritation. This is where the naturally occurring phages come in – in a highly concentrated form.

This is the only way to guarantee an effective procedure that soothes the skin and inhibits inflammation. This way, you can prevent irritation and redness with a daily application .

However, you should also make sure you eat a healthy diet tailored to rosacea, avoiding spicy foods and increased alcohol consumption wherever possible.

Too much sunlight should also be avoided in the case of rosacea. This is the only way to make the most of the effect of the natural bacteria eaters.

How does Sanubiom SkinCare Protect help me with rosacea?

In Europe, phages are only approved for therapeutic use in Belgium and Georgia.

However, numerous studies are underway that are looking into the genetic programmability and targeted use of bacteriophages for various indications.

Researchers at ETH Zurich have found possibilities and methods with which bacteriophages can be programmed in a targeted manner. This paves the way for the broad approval of bacteriophages for various therapies.

Until then, the bacteria eaters can at least be used in topical form for dermatological conditions and reduce the incidence of various skin diseases.

In concentrated form, they offer a natural and gentle way of tackling the noticeable and visible effects of various skin diseases.

With a rosacea cream, gel or spray, you can reduce redness and inflammation of the skin relatively easily. You can find out more about this in the following paragraph.

Bacteriophages reduce redness in rosacea

Reduce redness and inflammation of the skin with rosacea

Various treatments are possible for rosacea. The effects of facial rosacea can be treated with laser or light therapy.

However, the costs of such treatment are not covered by health insurance. The situation is different in the case of rhinophyma: the bulbous nose, also known as rosacea nose , can be treated surgically at the expense of the health insurance company.

Natural phages in the form of a spray are easily available and are used to accompany therapy. Sanubiom SkinCare Protect is also suitable as a skin care product to accompany therapy for other dermatological indications, such as:

  • Acne
  • Neurodermatitis
  • sensitive skin as a result of diabetes

How do I use Sanubiom SkinCare Protect correctly for rosacea?

Even if you apply Sanubiom SkinCare Protect to your skin just twice a day, you will soon notice a reduction in redness. Sanubiom SkinCare Protect contains naturally occurring bacteriophages in increased concentrations.

The product uses their decomposing effect to reduce bacteria and bring your skin flora back into balance. The natural bacteria eaters help to reduce redness and skin irritation.

How do I use Sanubiom SkinCare Protect correctly for rosacea?

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