Probiotics cosmetics for neurodermatitis & rosacea

Our skin flora, also known as the microbiome, can be disturbed by a wide variety of causes. These disorders can lead to acne, neurodermatitis and rosacea, among other things, and damage sensitive skin. Probiotic care products help to bring this microbiome back into balance.

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What is the microbiome and what is its function

A microbiome refers to all microorganisms – e.g. bacteria, fungi, bacteriophages and other microorganisms – that colonize our body. They live in a symbiosis and must therefore be in balance so that no pathogenic (disease-causing) germs can colonize. Healthy skin flora consists of many different microorganisms. You can imagine the whole thing as a flower meadow: The greater the variety of species, the better. However, if this balance begins to falter, harmless skin germs can develop into pathogens that promote the formation of acne and neurodermatitis, among other things.

Even at birth, the skin is colonized by germs that are either passed on by the mother or from the immediate environment during a caesarean section.

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Our skin is our protective shield to the outside world

Our skin microbiome serves as a protective shield against environmental influences. If this skin flora is disturbed by an imbalance, our skin appears irritated and sensitive. As a result, various allergens can penetrate the skin, trigger itching and lead to inflammation. An intact skin flora serves as a defense system by producing antimicrobial peptides (proteins) that repel invaders. In addition, an acid mantle is built up and waste products such as skin flakes and sebum are removed.

Disturbed skin flora

A disturbance of the skin flora can occur when it is exposed to external events. These include injuries, diet, lifestyle, cosmetics, but also hygiene behavior and medication. However, there are also internal factors that cause the microbiome to lose its balance and lead to the development of acne and neurodermatitis.

During puberty, there is a change in the germ spectrum of the skin, which leads to excessive production by the sebaceous glands. This stimulates the growth of the bacterium Propionibacterium (P.) acnes.

According to the latest studies, a reduced diversity of the skin microbiome occurs particularly during acute flare-ups of atopic dermatitis. The germ Staphylococcus (S.) aureus often exploits this imbalance and occurs in higher numbers than the skin can cope with. The more the germ Staphylococcus (S.) aureus colonizes the skin, the more severe the skin eczema becomes.

Probiotics in skin care

SanubiomSkincare products are designed to protect the skin’s balance. They balance the skin flora by combating harmful bacteria and restoring the balance in the microbiome.

SkinCareProtect was specially developed for skin prone to neurodermatitis, rosacea and acne. With the help of bacteriophages, the spread of specific, harmful bacteria (e.g. Escherichia coli and Staphylococcusaureus) can be contained and the natural balance of the skin flora restored.

SkinCare Plus is used to restore this balance. The probiotic skin cure contains 4.5 billion active probiotics. The skin-friendly bacteria help to increase the diversity of microorganisms in order to strengthen the skin flora.


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Our probiotic SkinCare products

SkinCare Plus was specially developed to strengthen the skin flora and is used for skin prone to neurodermatitis and rosacea.

SkinCareActive is a probiotic skin care product for normal skin. It strengthens the balance of the skin flora and thus the microbial protective layer. But first and foremost

SkinCare Sensitive is aimed at the needs of extremely dry skin or skin prone to neurodermatitis and rosacea. Probiotic skin care promotes the balance of the skin flora, strengthens its regeneration, moisturizes and provides nutrients that our skin needs.

100% natural – dermatologically tested – no animal testing – pH-neutral – no alcohol – no side effects

Scientific study:

The study shows that biofilm formation was successfully inhibited by phages contained in a cosmetic.

Improved antibacterial efficacy of bacteriophage-cosmetic formulation for treatment of Staphylococcus aureus in vitro SabahAbo-elmaaty, Noha K.El Dougdoug, Mahmoud M.Hazaa

Scientific study on the biofilm formation of phages

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“Our skin nourishes, detoxifies and protects our body. But in order for it to fulfill its functions, our skin flora must be in balance. Healthy skin is characterized by a diverse ecosystem of microbes that form a kind of protective shield.”

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